The Eco-Sexual Invasion

Dec 25, 2009 • Lube, Safety, Toys

Those earth-loving peeps, they’re all over the place fighting to make sure we don’t screw up ourselves or this fine planet completely. Having made strides in green living from noms to cars and light bulbs, they’re now moving into the bedroom.

Here is the latest in healthy alternatives for your loving pleasure:


A surprising amount of sex toys contain phthalates (which only looks scary to pronounce–say it like this: “thalates.” Good job), PVC softeners that have been found to inhibit endocrine, which some studies have linked to premature puberty in girls and low sperm production in boys.

As a result of health concerns, many companies are working to produce non-toxic alternatives.

Among the many companies hitting the market are Earth Erotics, who also make that killer recycled rubber whip we showed you a month ago.


Have you ever read the back of a bottle of lube? I’ll admit I didn’t until long into my 20s. Lube was something I judged based on how it felt–like most everything relating to sex. And then, I did it. I’ll tell you one thing: I wish I hadn’t. Dicksoftenus maximus.

Lucky for us, there’s now a booming industry of lubes devoted to stamping out scary petrochemicals and parabens: aloe lubes, shea and cocoa butter lubes, and all-natural lubes.

My personal favorite all-natural lubricant? Extra virgin organic coconut oil. You can pick it up at any organic market along with your groceries. Smells great, tastes great, doubles as an unparalleled massage oil and leaves your skin feeling delicious.

Remember one thing when shopping for your new top-notch eco-sex lube (and this goes especially for the coconut oil): some products are oil-based and not latex-compatible. Make sure that you and your partner or partners have been tested for STIs and there’s another form of birth control in place before engaging in unprotected sex or sex that mixes latex-incompatible lubes and condoms.


We’ve told you about vegan condoms, which replace the milk protein casein in latex condoms with a non-animal alternative. And for the super socially-conscious, there is French Letter, which offers an array of fair-trade rubber condoms.

Information from The Times of India and our own fountain of genius.