The Future of Male Pleasure Calls It Quits

Nov 25, 2013 • Toys

Realtouch device replicates sensations on porn

Four years ago, I excitedly reported on the future of male pleasure technology in a post about the RealTouch, a device that transforms scenes on your computer screen into stimulation you can experience. Using a combination of conveyor belts, heating coils and other parts, the RealTouch changed the heat, wetness, friction and squeezing based on the sort of porn you tuned into. It was a leap into the future for self-pleasure.

But sadly, as with so many gadgets, licensing has become an issue. You see, AEBN, the company that developed the RealTouch doesn’t own all of the device’s technology. The result of increased licensing costs to use this technology, coupled with the cost of manufacturing, have led AEBN to decide to discontinue the product.

“After nearly a year of discussion and negotiation we have been unable to reach agreements that would allow us to continue the project at this time,” the team said in a statement. They will continue to offer touch-enabled videos and interactive sessions for those who own devices, but once this last batch of RealTouch stimulators goes, there’s no telling when or if the device will ever become available to consumers again.

“We remain committed to RealTouch and hope that agreements can eventually be reached to enable us to continue to provide this one-of-a-kind experience to the public,” AEBN added, making absolutely no one feel better about it.

So get yours while you can.

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  • jeremy moyers

    this sucks.. i got a autoblow 2 now. which i was going to purchase the realtouch this sux !!! autoblow 2 is in shipping.. sigh.

  • jeremy moyers

    i really wanted to be performing to a super hot model someone i will never touch in 3 lifetimes.. realtouch would have made this semi possible.. bullshit! get your shit together guys! its not even like im a unattractive guy here… im 33 and have a beautiful 22 year old girlfriend even lol.. I just have been very interested in trying this damn thing out and now all the sudden no sales.. bullshit!!! get your shit together you guys could make tons of fucking cash