The Plaything

Sep 23, 2010 • Diary, The Barreness

As the saying goes, it was the chase that thrilled her. The locking of eyes across a darkened room. A haze of sweat and cigarette smoke.

She enjoys a slow seduction. A rhythm that swells and retreats with the quickening and softening of heartbeats. The pulse of an evening. This one was a child, really. A man in years only. Full of his own estimations. He was ripe for instruction.

She had prepared her lesson plans. Softly and calmly she let him explore the curves of her. Eyes only at first. Don’t rush it. Fingertips follow eyes and tongue follows fingers. Slowly, gently, quick and hard.

Pay attention.

That’s enough.

She releases him and crosses the room without a backward glance. A different room. A fresh haze. The heat of breath and fervor. Her back to the boy, she lights a fresh cigarette.

There are no goodbyes. She isn’t interested in seeing him go. He isn’t brave enough to ask to stay.

Hesitant footsteps retreat.

And she exhales.

What happens when one opts out of reproduction and throws herself into self-absorbed hedonism? They pack their cigarettes, thigh highs and trench coat and head for London town. These are the stories of the Barreness, our London correspondent. Image based on a picture by Anirudh Koul.

  • Fred Miller

    When women write erotica, I’m pleased. When men write it, I laugh out loud. Just a prejudice I nurse and enjoy.

  • Ninja Mike

    Impressive piece.

  • SisterMerryHellish


    Is it heaving and covered in perspiration in here, or is it just me?

    I’m sorry, I’ve got to go be alone with this story.

    Don’t wait up!

  • Annah

    B! :) I LOVED THIS. I LOVE YOU and I can’t wait to read more. *muah* Kisses from Miami,


  • Mynx

    Brilliant imagery. Love it.

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  • Mademoiselle Hautemess

    W-O-W…I feel like I need a cold shower and a cigarette after reading this. I want my very own plaything! :)

  • jill

    *sigh. Meanwhile I am going to go to Target to buy napkins. Bringing cupcakes for the school play, you know. Did I mention *sigh? Oh yeah, I guess I did.


  • jill

    Thanks to the Barreness for providing vicarious hedonism for the rest of us. Meanwhile I am going to Target. To buy napkins. For a kids’ party. sigh.

  • Absence of Alternatives

    Nicely done. Seduction at its (her) best.