The Real Doll Maker

Aug 18, 2010 • Art, Culture

Meet Matt McMullen, the creator of the Real Doll, those wondrous masterpieces of workmanship that are part sex toy, part work of art. In this video from California is a Place, McMullen describes how the first doll came to be.

Honey Pie from California is a place. on Vimeo.

Here’s a snippet from the video:

I was always driven to sculpt females and it just evolved. This was the logical progression of what I wanted to do with my artistic abilities and my desire to create.

I’ve always been sort of a recluse. I spent a lot of the time in the garage by myself. There were family I would show what I was doing — they all thought I was weird. And really, the original concept, I thought it would be a really cool mannequin for display stepping outside the bonds of your traditional mannequin, which are very super-modelesque — I wanted to do something with sexy curves.

I put up a website, I said “I’m making this really crazy mannequin” and I got a lot of people asking me by e-mail if these things were anatomically correct and if so could they order one. I realized early on this was the direction this was going to go and I went with it. I added in some obvious parts and there you go. The first Real Doll was born.

We dig it.