When A Good Show Gets Real

Jun 19, 2010 • Culture, Television

Showtime‘s revolutionary envelope-pushing brought you The L Word six years ago. Now, they’re back, but, as they say, this time it’s “for real.” That’s right, creatures, the L Word has gone the way of reality TV.

Introducing The Real L Word. Tomorrow, the nation will meet the cast of six successful, Los Angeles lesbians and come along as they live and love in the city where dreams are made and shattered.

There’s Mikey, a hard and prominent fashion producer who doesn’t have time for her fiancee. Rose, the real estate adviser who has a ton of commitment and intimacy issues. Tracy, a film and TV exec who is coming to terms with being out. Whitney, the edgy special effects artist who gets around. And Nikki, the talent scout and producer who’s planning her wedding to Jill, a writer.

It’s all well and good, but reality TV is a hit-or-miss sort of thing and those of us who loved the original series may not take too well to seeing its name fed to the zeitgeist like this.

“Showtime has yet again come forward to continue with us this mission to entertain and enlighten and bring more L to the world,” said executive producer Ilene Chaiken, who also hinted at an L Word movie.

We’ll have to see. Tune in tomorrow at 10PM, on Showtime.