Where The Douches At?

Feb 07, 2011 • Apps, Culture

Foursquare renegade

If you’re a woman about town, there is one app you can no longer do without. Wheretheladies.at somehow managed to slip through the cracks at the Junior Anti-Sex League Mart– err, Apple Store last week and is now a hazard for the women of San Francisco — and threatening to spill south — as if we needed help with the douchery here in Los Angeles.

The app is essentially a compass that points losers in the direction of women by using female Foursquare check-ins (or dictionary crawl and permutation logic when no gender is specified). Lame.

Well, here’s the plan: if you do use Foursquare, make sure you don’t check into places until after you leave. Wheretheladies.at uses check-ins within the next 30 minutes, so if you check in only after you’ve left, you have a good chance of protecting your mayorship and getting out of there with minimum chance of harassment.

If you don’t use Foursquare but you’re as annoyed as we are about the prospect of even more douchebags asking inane questions, trying too hard to neg, or flat-out trying to cop a feel whenever they walk by, get on Foursquare right now and make a habit of checking into the 405 all day long. Let’s get those bastards into a gridlock so nasty, we’ll have the city to ourselves for a week.

In the meantime, you may consider getting the app so you know where not to go.