World Cup Delicious

Jun 16, 2010 • Culture, Eyecandy, Men, Sports, Women

It’s World Cup time and the web is clogged with all manner of information about the teams, the matches and the players. Awesome. Our editrix is a huge soccer fanatic, so we’ve suffered more games than we care to recount. In any event, just because we’re bitter doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the spoils of the match.

So, all you lovers of men, here’s Italy’s Fabio Cannavaro. For all you lovers of women, scroll down for skin and World Cup WAGs.

We believe this image comes from a 2002 issue of Cosmo Italy, but we have not ascertained the fact. Our apologies. We’re too busy drooling.

And, since we appreciate with equal fervor the female body, here is a pic we grabbed from Playboy:

And UrbanDaddy has a neat slideshow of some of the WAGs (wives and girlfriends) at the World Cup, too.

You’re welcome.

Image of Cannavaro via Cosina. Soccer girls from Playboy. WAGs from UrbanDaddy.