You Just Haven’t Earned It Yet, Baby

Oct 06, 2010 • Diary, Ma Cherie

The fundamental tenet of BDSM play is “Safe, Sane, Consensual.” This isn’t Ma Cherie’s Kink U* so I’ll sum up:

  1. Don’t kill each other.
  2. Don’t be too drunk or under the influence of other, ahem, substances to make rational decisions.
  3. Respect each other’s limits.

SSC came to mind when Baby Face Rooney became the nth guy to ask me for head. He’s only the second one to use the excuse that he can’t get hard without it, but that’s a topic for another time. (Seriously, women and gay men, how unpleasant is it to have in your mouth a soft dick you have to resuscitate with your tongue?)

I can’t even be easy on Baby Face for being 21 and asking me that. Future Doctor is in his 30s and he asked me a couple of times.

Oh, haven’t you gotten the memo? I don’t give head.

Yeah. I said it. There are plenty of men who don’t go down on their women and they don’t get half the grief I do. I have tried to tell the men not too early as to risk not having sex (or getting dinner paid for, don’t judge), and not too late as to almost get jabbed in the eye by a runaway penis before screaming, “I don’t do that!” (Yes, it happened, and I did not get raped or beat as I thought might happen due to the look on the drunk guy’s face as he tried to comprehend why any girl would refuse it.)

Aversion has nothing to do with it. I love feeling the flesh of an erect member in my mouth, the smooth head rubbing the roof of my mouth, my lips running up and down as my tongue draws the alphabet over every part of his cock. I love sucking cock. I love sucking cock so much that I get painfully stimulated and wet. I love sucking cock but I won’t do it without caveats.

Now we come back to SSC. SSC in BDSM boils down to safety precautions. SSC blowjobs originate from my desire for emotional as well as physical safety.

Safe. As a free agent in this sexy city of mine, I have an active sex life. Even if that means I have two partners in one month, that’s still two partners who are not monogamous either. Do I want to give head to every single guy I date? Eff no. Why is it a given, and especially without a condom? I offer to give head with a flavored condom or even a non-lubricated one. Is it the same? Heck no but I dont want pre-cum from every dick I come across. It’s not safe.

Sane. Now, in my right mind (giggle, chortle) I make good decisions about the company of men I keep. When it comes to blowjobs, let’s keep it reasonable. I am not going to fall for the line that you can’t get hard without one. You are assuming that I signed up for the job of your fluffer, and honey, you are so mistaken. The fact that you ask me for that reason makes me question doing the deed with a capital D with you, bringing to mind another D word: douche.

Consensual. Okay, any oral sex I’ll give is going to be with my consent barring any predetermined rape fantasy scenarios, and even that is still consensual. The real issue here is choice. I am choosing to make you worthy of my physical intimacy. I do have some pleasure from it, but essentially oral sex is a gift from me to you. Do I want to give that to just anyone? Do I want to have any regrets after I discover you are a dickwad? At least with sex, I can say I got something out of it.

Now in my life I consider oral sex a gift of mutual respect, as in you better respect me as I serve your needs and I respect who you are as a person.

When I was still a virgin eons ago in a galaxy far, far away, I went down on my high school boyfriend because I thought I loved him. Oral sex was a token of my love and affection, not just pleasure. In those early years of discovering sexuality, I don’t think I was concerned about pleasure as much as feeling connected. Maybe some of that still resonates with me as an adult and why I can’t have continuous, rampant casual sex for very long as much as I love sex.

Wow. Who knew when I started writing that I would get so romantic about a blowjob. That’s who I am, I suppose: the romantic nympho. (Don’t take me too literally, I’m not trying to get stalked here.)

*P.S. I heart the Logo Channel.

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