There are two things our American culture taints, and therefore brands: sex and food. We are one of the most conservative, precautious cultures, and it manifests in our bedrooms and our food system, blanketing our libidos and over-salting our plates. Numbing our appetites. While brining ourselves in this stage of economic heat, we should stop…continue reading.

Relationships are complicated! Every time we look at the stuff from which to pick on Facebook, we practically get nosebleeds. To this end, we submit the following cartoon by Rob Cottingham as a guide for the next Facebook overhaul: You laughed, admit it. Cartoon by Rob Cottingham, via Jalam1001.

While we were in Manhattan up to absolutely no good, we happened to meet Andrea Grant, creator and writer of the comic MINX. Immediately drawn to the complex plot line and sexy heroine (based on Grant herself), we knew we had to share her with you. So we asked her to take a time out…continue reading.

Our editrix was over at the Mahalo offices last week where she did a few more things than simply scandalize the employees there. Their answer site has a NSFW (Not Safe For Work) category! Check out some of the stuff we stumbled across. OK, fine, we didn’t — Mahalo’s newest acquisition Mike Bracco (total hottie,…continue reading.

As denizens of Los Angeles, we spend more time on the road than we do anywhere else (seriously, we don’t know why L.A. bothers with foursquare. Locales? We’re either on the 405 or the 10 — stuck. Make us mayor of that). Anyway — it makes perfect sense that we would find a service to…continue reading.

OK, so you’re getting married. Vegas is right next door — why not? Our buddies over at CasinoGuide have some activities for you to consider. Our top five: Marry a Stripper Face it, the little lady back home is a shrew. “Blah blah blah equality”. “Blah blah blah me me me”. Ditch the bitch. Las…continue reading.

Most of the time, our editrix shuns the “go green” movement as a tool of evil to guilt us out of private jets and into commercial aircraft that treat us like cattle. Every once in a while, though, a company will harness our fear of destroying the planet into a clever marketing campaign. MeetLocals hit…continue reading.

Last week, TechCrunch reported on something terrifying: Citibank had blocked the business account of the brand-spanking new startup fabulis due to what they were calling “objectionable content” on the fabulis company blog. What’s objectionable? Fabulis is a soon-to-launch social network seeking to connect gay men with amazing experiences around the world. From TechCrunch: Could that…continue reading.

Last week the web went up in flames when a woman, by the name of Angie Jackson, began live-tweeting her medical abortion. Jackson discovered she was pregnant the week prior, following the failure of her method of birth control. A single mom with a little boy, Jackson claims that she was was told that her…continue reading.

The web is all freaked out about this and we can’t for our lives figure out why. The idea of applying a masque to the vulva (not vagina — the vagina is the internal part of the female genitalia) is nothing new, especially among those who use traumatic depilatory procedures like waxing. Whatever the case,…continue reading.