“The first thing you should know about me is that I am a whore.” So begins the show Secret Diary of a Call Girl, which is based on the books The Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl and The Further Adventures of a London Call Girl, which, in turn, are based on the blog…continue reading.

The National Infertility Association and EMD Serono, a pharmaceutical company, joined to sponsor In The Know, a short-film competition about couples dealing with infertility. The winning films are touching–there are Kristin and Wally Acuna, of Clifton, N.J., who dealt with infertility after the birth of their first son, then were able to conceive triplets in…continue reading.

They have sex, they write about sex, they educate others about sex, and they fight for the freedom to enjoy sex in its many variations. They’re sex bloggers and they’re dressing down once again for the 2010 Sex Blogger Calendar. All proceeds from sales go to help the Sex Work Awareness, an organization with a…continue reading.

Kleenex by the bed. Actually, I knew someone who had paper towels by her bed. And someone else who had real towels. Whatever your choice, unless you’re a total emo kid, the intent is pretty clear: post-coital or post-masturbatory clean-up. Isn’t it nice to not have to get up immediately? But what if you don’t…continue reading.

“Pleasure without borders”–that’s what West German headlines called the exodus of East Germans to their sex shops 20 years ago, when the Berlin Wall fell. From couples to grandmothers–everyone wanted to take a look at what the West had to offer. Communist East Germany had suppressed pornography and pleasure instruments, labeling these “bourgeois decadence.” Of…continue reading.

It’s Monday morning, 6:00AM. Traffic is going to be killer, and you know it, you think as the elevator doors open and you step in to be greeted by the condescending looks of a jogger and an older man with two shih-poos on matching leashes. Yes, you’re still wearing the dress you were wearing the…continue reading.

Sexting. Twexting. And now: retrosexing, regretrosexing, and fretrosexing. It’s true: if you can’t squeeze sex into a word, you’re just not cool enough for the times. Let’s start with retrosexing and work our way through. Deidre Fulton at The Phoenix has the best run-down: Retrosexuals are people who rewind their own lives, digging into their…continue reading.

Face it, few people really love condoms. But we’re eternally grateful and have learned to deal with them. Companies are always trying to innovate the product and we have them to thank for fruity-flavored blowjobs, which may not be bomb, but are far better than dentist glove-tasting ones. Of course, every once in a while,…continue reading.

Every time we blog, we take a risk. Oversharing is risky and largely indecorous by societal standards, not to mention that it leaves you vulnerable to anyone who cares to cast a stone as they walk by, but what is art if not an expression of self, and what is an expression of self, if not risk? If for every 20 stones cast, someone silenced can feel they’ve been given a voice or know they’re not alone, throw those stones.

Findings are piling in — 87 percent of users take their gadgets into the bedroom, six out of 10 Americans use their gadgets in bed, and more than a third of respondents would choose their personal digital assistants over their partners if they were forced to make that choice. In the battle between hard drives and sex drives, hard drives are winning.