Women seeking to connect with the transcendent have more sex, more sexual partners, and are less likely to use a condom. That’s one way to read the results of a finding from a recent study from the University of Kentucky. Now, most of our empirical knowledge in psychology comes from experiments on white mice and…continue reading.

Food blogger Jennifer I. has been writing about how food ties into sensuality since 2004 when she wrote her first manifesto, On Food and Sensuality. Of course these days, she’s doing a little more than writing about the concept. Beginning in her home state of New York, Jennifer I. is planning to kick off a…continue reading.

As we all know, the LA Times has a new section for all the late-breaking news that were once in the paper. They decided to name it LATextra, short for Los Angeles Times Extra. Makes sense, right? Unless you’re a member of the more literary BDSM community, of course. If you are, the name immediately…continue reading.

If you’re worried what your mom will say about your girlfriend’s tramp stamp, you can fear no more–research is on your side! A new study by researchers at Texas Tech University who studied piercings and tats for the last decade suggests the relationship between body art and deviant behavior is significant only for those who…continue reading.

OMG! Remember when you could get laid with a finger up your ass from $3.50?! Me neither. I think that’s what makes vintage finds like these so much fun. ENTER WITH CASH IN HAND AND TOOL IN THE OTHER. Uh huh, right to the point–just the way we like it every now and again. Menu…continue reading.

Condé Nast is down when it comes to a little skin in their rags, but God forbid anyone show any in the workplace. According to Mediabistro, a Bride magazine employee was recently laid off for showing her boob job to two female colleagues who were personal friends. Mind you, no actual flashing occurred. Reports indicate…continue reading.

Late last month we reported on the sex scene in Avatar that was removed (but will appear in the special edition DVD). Gawker is reporting that Movieline has found the scene in the script posted online by Fox. Presenting the ultimate exercise in dick-softening purple prose: I really wish I had waited for the DVD.…continue reading.

Census-data analysis from UCLA’s Williams Institute found that 36 percent of women in their 40s with same-sex partners had previously been married to men. That percentage only seems to grow with age. What’s going on? More magazine has an interesting piece regarding the apparent fluidity of women’s sexuality: Some women do feel as if they’ve…continue reading.

Mid-December, we told you about a contest featuring some serious man meat, Hottest Bod in the World contest. The results, ladies and gentlemen, are in: the winner, with over 20,000 votes is 26-year-old Jordon Nemitz and he’s coming to Hollywood later this month–in the form of a billboard, to be displayed for our oggling delight…continue reading.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, otherwise known as PETA, is well-known for its controversial, largely WTF? campaigns. Just last month, they got hell (literally) for some ads featuring Playboy model Joanna Kruga naked save for a crucifix. Now, once again exercising their cleverness (not really?), they’re making a point about fixing your pets…continue reading.