Marriages are like snowflakes. They’re pretty different, one from the next. And the people in them find a way to make them work. Sometimes this involves extra-curriculars. I have some friends in the adult entertainment industry who have an established “if there’s money involved, it doesn’t count,” rule. In my marriage, ex-husband told me I…continue reading.

Maybe there is a reason I have always been attracted to musicians. For those in the know, what you see him do when he performs onstage is very telling of how he will perform in the bedroom. But what about the guy who has made a name for himself by his blogs, tweets, podcasts and…continue reading.

I’ll admit it–I don’t chat a lot, but I open Gtalk and watch people’s chat statuses when I’m writing. I judge my permanently-available friends (green) and mobile (little phone), feel annoyed at my friends who idle (orange), and think my offline friends are antisocial assholes or technologically inept (gray). I know that’s not fair. I…continue reading.

Twenty-two year-old Kari Ferrell, better known as the Hipster Grifter, seduced horny skinny jean-wearing hipsters in Brooklyn to steal their money. Later, she forged checks and tried to pull a fast one on Vice. Now serving time in Utah, she talked with the Daily Beast about what cell life is all about. Some juicy tidbits…continue reading.

She loves coffee, you’re more of a tea kind of dude. A date at her neighborhood Starbucks is out of the question, but don’t worry, we’re here for you. Introducing GoCoffeeGo, a San Francisco-based company with an expansive online catalog of coffees for more refined tastes. Its founders Scott Pritikin and Elise Papazian are self-proclaimed…continue reading.

So, you’re waiting for your soy milk latte one morning, minding your own business (that is, the latest posts on TMZ), when suddenly– “Oh, baby, yeah, oh, God, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, ooooooooooooooh.” The guy behind you is starting his day with a bang–live, right on his iPhone! It’s a case of second-hand porn. The…continue reading.

F Me Cufflinks Social media is everywhere. Play into the hype with this hilarious double-entendre cufflink set, “F Me”–get it? Get it? What, you don’t think it’s funny? Fine. I’ll keep all the jokes about poking to myself. $50.00, from Twitter Stalkings Tweet me, Twitter me, add me, stalk me, DM, @me, tweet me,…continue reading.

Nothing is more indicative of how prominent social networking sites have become than the fact that the New Oxford American Dictionary has selected the word “unfriend” as the word of 2009. But that’s not the only sign of the times here–other runners up were: hashtag: a # [pound] sign added to a word or phrase…continue reading.

This was not soft porn. This was no longer two unclothed women caressing and kissing on a bed. There was something primitive about it now, this woman-on-woman violence, as though in the room filled with shadows, Pegeen were a magical composite of shaman, acrobat, and animal. It was as if she were wearing a mask…continue reading.

A young teacher in New York is in trouble for assigning an incredibly graphic short story by Chuck Palahniuk about masturbation and consequences. True to form, the media is thrilled with the prospect of putting the word MASTURBATION and its variations in huge font across its pages, and hasn’t taken a lot of time to…continue reading.