Remember when people wrote epic poems to each other? How do I love thee, etc.? Yeah, we don’t, either. So, get this, the company that makes those heart candies with words on them is adding more phrases to its love lexicon. What are they adding? “Text Me” and “Tweet Me.” New England Confectionery Co. (NECCO),…continue reading.

POSSIBLE TECH URBAN MYTH ALERT! But still, so scary and full of sensationalist goodness, we just have to tell you. So get this — the Facebook app lets you sync the contact info on friends’ profiles with your address book, right? Awesome! Except… FACEBOOK KNOWS YOUR ONE-NIGHT STANDS. That’s what the subject line of the…continue reading.

So you executed the changes you needed to make your Facebook safe but it’s still causing you grief? Hey, we hear you. Living out loud isn’t easy. Between your girlfriend demanding “Baby, why don’t you poke me anymore?!” and a client catching that fib about being sick (oops! Someone @replied you on Twitter about how…continue reading.

Some art for you to get you going after brunch, our decadent orchids of want and wantonness. Allow us to introduce you to Fernando Vicente, a brilliant Madrid-born illustrator, frequent contributor to the daily El Pais and a favorite of our editrix’s. From his Anatomias series: Pinup by Fernando Vicente Belleza Interior by Fernando Vicente…continue reading.

Somewhere inside us is an annoying 12-year-old who still LOLz uncontrollably at any term or thing that even remotely implies sex or genitalia. We all have one — it was just a matter of time before this impulse took life. Welcome to Things That Are Doing It, a blog devoted to pictures that are sure…continue reading.

Facebook — mystical place where connections are forged, friends are kept, lovers are explored, relationships are destroyed, positions are obtained, and jobs are brutally lost. Now more than ever. Let me tell you a story. My phone rang. It was 3AM and I was home riding a deadline, but it was my friend Lindsay, so…continue reading.

A question we’re sure a lot of people wish they could ask on a first date, but tend not to. As with anything that might be important to you, we here at Sex and the 405 think you should certainly ask. Don’t let them kid you, sexual compatibility is important in a relationship: We are…continue reading.

Sid Vicious, bassist for the Sex Pistols: a kid, an icon, a tragedy, a legacy. He defined a generation and the radiation from its zeitgeist-shattering explosion can still be felt today. You know, if you look hard enough under the VersaSpa tans, over-processed vocals, and senseless Top 40 hits. Oh, who are we kidding? You…continue reading.

Sexuality and Christian spirituality have had a rocky relationship: from the Apostle Paul’s reluctant admission of marriage as a way to handle those who unfortunately “burn with passion” (1Cor 7) to medieval asceticism’s sexual renunciation to the contemporary puritanical disdain for sensuality, it seems like Christian spirituality and sex just don’t mix. But for the…continue reading.

Our editor has the same argument with her mother every year about Valentine’s Day. It looks like this: AV: I want a man to give me presents for no reason, because he simply can’t resist being reminded of me whether he’s in the shower or strolling around town. HER: good luck with that. Men are…continue reading.