Why would someone attack a painting? Last week in Washington DC, a visitor to the National Gallery’s “Gauguin: Maker of Myth” exhibition took hold of the frame of the post impressionist’s artist’s Two Tahitian Women, then began to pound her fist against the plexiglas protecting the painting. A by-stander tackled the woman, enabling museum officers…continue reading.

On Monday, over 100 University of Southern California students marched in protest of the school’s inaction in response to a misogynist e-mail said to have originated among members of the school’s Kappa Sigma fraternity. To date, neither Kappa Sigma national nor USC have done anything. Students, worried about the sexism at their school, protested against this inaction.

Yesterday the health clinic that conducts the testing of Los Angeles’ porn industry, Adult Industry Healthcare Foundation, said that the database holding tens of thousands of patient records had been compromised and that this information had been made available online.

Of all the things in the world to steal, why would you go for used sex toys? This is the sort of thing you might expect of a rejected lover, or a crazed stalker, but Mitchell Tice was apparently neither of these. No, the 40-year-old was an employee of the restaurant owned by the couple from whom he stole the goods.

It may not be this simple. Or it may be more simple than this. Porn-positive proponents celebrate this victory, clutching it triumphantly. But we can’t help but wonder what, exactly, this debate has achieved? The battle rages on, no closer to resolution than it was before all these publications took hold of the story, eager for the pageviews that any porn-related story promises to deliver.

When confronted with reminders of their mortality, people have been shown to play up their cultural views, belittle opposing views, and reinforce their self-esteem. In studying these effects, the question of how thoughts of death affected the libido came up.

Right whales, massive sea giants once hunted almost to the point of extinction in the days of the whaling industry — who would have guessed these rotund, leisurely mammals entertained such scandalous sex lives? Not only is the right whale exhibitionist, swimming to the surface of the water to mate, but apparently, they’re quite fond of group sex as well!

The questions of whether couples should wait before having sex, and how long, and if it even matters, are robust perennials for news organizations, eager for traffic. Every year, a good handful of studies come out to feed the slow news days, and blogs trip over themselves to regurgitate the information, delighted to tap into fears or hit the jackpot of all things web: a slut- or virgin-shaming comment war to send those pageviews through the roof.

A man in Detroit is facing charges for snooping in his wife’s inbox. His crime is related to a computer crimes statute generally used to address hackers and activity in connection with fraud.

Instead of a briefcase indicator like we had in the 90s (clever, but not sexy enough), we have the Lingerie Index. The theory goes like this: if the economy is suffering, the first thing to go is the self-spoiling. If we start to do better, we’ll immediately splurge on ourselves.