Bag of Dildos Links Man to Burglary

Mar 15, 2011 • Crime, News, OMGWTFBBQ

Of all the things in the world to steal, why would you go for used sex toys? This is the sort of thing you might expect of a rejected lover, or a crazed stalker, but Mitchell Tice was apparently neither of these. No, the 40-year-old was an employee of the restaurant owned by the couple from whom he stole the goods.

Tice, the breakfast cook, took the items along with two laptops and a wig from their storage locker in January. The Florida police were tipped off when his girlfriend told detectives that he had stashed a bag of dildos under the bed and flat-out admitted he had stolen these from his employers.

The woman, 38, turned over the items and Tice was charged with felony burglary and two misdemeanors. According to The Smoking Gun, he is being held in lieu of $4,000 bond.

The obvious moral of this story is: don’t steal. And if you do, don’t mess with people’s sex wares.