Austin, Texas was recently named America’s “Most Sex-Happy City” by Men’s Health. That’s right, Austin. The city whose motto is “Keep Austin Weird,” and whose unofficial mascot is testicular cancer survivor Lance Armstrong.

How far should the legal system go to protect people? Should they be allowed to tell consenting adults how far is too far as it regards our sexual activities?

Clearly educators are not paid enough in this country. If the guy had been able to afford a proper subscription to Playboy or even an internet connection, none of this would have happened.

Masturbation is all over the news. In typical American fashion, the media has become obsessed with comments made two decades ago by Delaware Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell, a hardcore conservative who supports Creationism and abstinence-only education.

It’s not what the sadistic Ed Bagley did to his slave. However distasteful one may find the activities outlined by court documents, these are things that some practitioners of the lifestyle do willingly engage in. This is a matter of consent — and we don’t think it was possible.

Well, if you thought Google Instant Search was going to make your slutty browsing any more efficient, you’re wrong. The new feature which gives users real time search results as they type does not acknowledge any language deemed “inappropriate” by Google.

Ah, female ejaculation. The holy grail of sex. Not many have seen it, fewer have lived it, but there it is. Hanging over our heads as science continues to scramble to understand its cause, function — or whether it exists at all. A recent study from the Middle East brought to our attention by Scientopia,…continue reading.

Strip clubs — good for men? VCG Holdings, an adult entertainment giant with 19 clubs in 10 states thinks so. Recently, they commissioned Empire Research to conduct a study about the impact strip clubs have on men’s health.

A four-year-old found a used condom in Atlanta’s Wyndham Garden Hotel room where his family was staying. According to CBS, the child thought the condom was a balloon and put it in his mouth to inflate it.

A Brazilian restaurant by the name of Flimé in Berlin is opening its doors soon and advertising that it will offer gourmet human flesh dishes, based on the customs of the Wari tribe in the Amazon, said to be cannibalistic. Um, OK.