I’m Ravenous, Baby!

Aug 26, 2010 • News, OMGWTFBBQ

When we talk about being ravenous and comment that we could just devour our lovers, well, it’s not literal. Lick, suck, nipple, bite, even. But chew and swallow? Not so much.

That could be changing. According to El Comercio, a Brazilian restaurant by the name of Flimé in Berlin is opening its doors soon and advertising that it will offer gourmet human flesh dishes, based on the customs of the Wari tribe in the Amazon, said to be cannibalistic.

The location of the restaurant is being kept a secret at the moment — for good reason, as Germany is up in arms about the restaurants campaign asking patrons to donate some flesh.

The site offers a PDF questionnaire with the following questions for donors:

Flimé assures patrons they will foot the costs incurred in the process of flesh donation. They are at present looking for their own “open-minded” surgeon.

Considering Germany recently faced a real case of cannibalism, if this is just a marketing ploy, it’s a very edgy one. The owner, Eduardo Amado, released a statement citing the Wari proberb that said, “Eating is more than satisfying hunger.”

“Let us contemplate eating as a spiritual act wherein one assumes the soul and strength of the being we ingest,” Amado added.

Um, can’t we just go down on each other?

Images from Flimé. Information via El Comercio.