Are Strip Clubs Good for You?

Aug 30, 2010 • News, Research

Strip clubs — good for men? VCG Holdings, an adult entertainment giant with 19 clubs in 10 states thinks so. Recently, they commissioned Empire Research to conduct a study about the impact strip clubs have on men’s health.

“Besides the obvious — beautiful women — we wanted to know what attracted men to adult clubs.” Michael Ocello, president of the VCG Holdings, told The Riverfront Times. “We always knew that our clubs made men feel good, but we didn’t expect the researchers to come back with medical findings that our clubs can also be healthy for you.”

We couldn’t find the study to analyze the sample size and methodology, and as a result, find the whole thing somewhat dubious, but let’s hear them out.

So according to the study, frequenting a strip club can lower cortisol, also known as the stress hormone. The study also suggested a boost in oxitocyn (the “love hormone”) levels and testosterone.

“As a society, 54 percent of us feel overwhelmed with work,” said Ocello. “We only have 16 hours or so of leisure time a week and more and more of that is interacting with people via Facebook or the Internet. We’re social creatures. We need human touch, human contact. They’ve done saliva tests that show that men’s testosterone increases when they’re surrounded by beautiful women. Why is that? Because there’s no fear of rejection. The women are going to talk to you. They’re going to flirt with you. That’s how it works. The question is: would you rather go to the gym and do push ups to increase testosterone, or spend her time here surrounded by beautiful women?”

If you have the cash, by all means. But take up too much of the girls’ time when you only have enough money for one or two lapdances and watch the cortisol go through the roof. You’ve been warned.

Image from Information from the River Front Times.