Google Instant Doesn’t Do Naughty

Sep 08, 2010 • News, teh inetrwebz

Well, if you thought Google Instant Search was going to make your slutty browsing any more efficient, you’re wrong. The new feature which gives users real time search results as they type does not acknowledge any language deemed “inappropriate” by Google.

As shown in the banner, the page will remain blank when such a word is entered and users will be prompted to hit “enter” to acquire the results, whether they have SafeSearch enabled or not.

During a Q&A session about the new feature, Google’s director of product management for Instant, Johanna Wright was asked about it. She indicated this was a measure to protect children, who may be exposed to adult content when performing perfectly innocent searches, such as, oh, take your pick. Cock-a-doodle-doo. Pussycat. Mast… ication.

Mashable supports this. We think disabling SafeSearch should enable us to see the real time naughty web. What do you think?

Image from Google Instant. Information from Mashable, via Marko.

  • maymay

    You are already logged-in. Google knows your age if you’ve filled out a Google Profile. There’s nothing wrong with protecting children, and I support Google’s motivations here. But why are known adults being “protected” as if they were children?

    This is Google being a lot dumber than I’d have thought they could ever be.

    • Anaiis

      I agree with you, Maymay.

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