Cleanup On Aisle 10

Sep 18, 2010 • Crime, News

Nope, we’re not done talking about masturbation, apparently.

William Tyler Black is a substitute teacher in Florida who was recently caught at Wal-Mart masturbating to Sports Illustrated‘s swimsuit edition. According to TrueCrime Report, Black was discovered when a security guard overheard his moans from the next aisle and came around, just in time to catch the culmination of the act all over the store floor.

Black was subsequently arrested on charges of indecent exposure and battery — for mishandling a dangerous substance (i.e., semen) in a public place.

Clearly educators are not paid enough in this country. If the guy had been able to afford a proper subscription to Playboy or even an internet connection, none of this would have happened.

Image from B&N. Information from TrueCrime Report.