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Photographers who are sensitive to the privacy of their subjects use a number of techniques to capture a moment without revealing the identity of people involved. One of these techniques is the cropping of the face — most often before or after the nose, in order to convey some emotion through the mouth, but occasionally the face is cropped in its entirety. This isn’t necessarily dehumanizing, but the context is extremely important.

Like other hookup services, Mixxxer uses your device’s geolocation to find other users who are nearby and also looking for a good time. Basically, it’s like Tinder, but rated NC-17. Oh, who are we kidding — Mixxxer’s “anything goes” attitude pretty much guarantees you’ll be seeing a range of everything from G to XXX. Just the way you like it and just the way you deserve. You’re welcome.

It is not that surprising that Alix Tichelman didn’t call the police when her client overdosed, choosing instead to try to erase herself from the scene before fleeing. Whether she knew about medical amnesty in California ultimately doesn’t matter as this protection is very limited and there is no amnesty for sex workers. This is clearly a person who committed criminal negligence out of a combination of ignorance and well-placed fear.

The Data Retention and Investigation Powers Bill, is a knee-jerk response from the United Kingdom to a ruling by the European Court of Justice that declared the Data Retention Directive of the European Parliament invalid in April. This new piece of legislation is being sold as a measure against terrorists, specifically “radicalized Brits returning from Syria” but no promises have been to target only suspects of terrorism.

Charitable causes sell, and companies are following the example of celebrities like Madonna and Bono in the hopes of reaching more consumers by appealing to our good will. This trend has gotten somewhat out of control, with many companies and individuals abandoning the desire to really make social change in favor of simply scoring some press. If you want to make a killin’ put a cause on it, to misquote that Beyoncé song.

In 2012, 30.4 percent of Americans over 25 had at least a bachelor’s degree and 10.9 percent had a graduate degree. That’s a big chunk of the country, but you wouldn’t know so many of us have been to university given the sort of suggestions floating around the internet about what to put into a care package for our recent high school grads who are heading off to get their degrees. My version of a good care package is one that equips a young adult to make the right decision as often as possible.

Today, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled 5-4 in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. to uphold that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act can exempt a family-owned, or closely-held company, from a federal regulation requiring that employers provide coverage to their female employees for certain types of birth control deemed, in the religious opinion of employers, capable of facilitating an abortion.

Yesterday the bipartisan activist group Evolve released a 30-second spot on YouTube reminding gun-owners to lock up their weapons. The video, which has over 1.3 million views on its second day, culminates in a bit of sword play between two little boys who have gotten their hands on mom’s vibrators. The ad ends with the reminder: “If they find it, they’ll play with it, so always lock up your guns.”

The female nipple is so obscene, a number of places have gone as far as to prohibit the public feeding of infants. No week goes by without some story about a woman being ejected from a locale or, at the very least, being shamed for breast-feeding in public. For a while organizers have sought to make a change, but no efforts have drawn as much attention as the makers of the TaTa Top, a bikini offered in three different flesh tones that also features nipples.

The FBI has seized the escort directory and forum and indicted its owner and administrator on counts of racketeering and money laundering. At present, this effort doesn’t seem connected to a recent crackdown on the sexual trafficking of minors being undertaken by over 400 law enforcement agencies in over 100 cities nationwide. A number of arrest warrants have been served throughout the Bay, though additional details are unknown.