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The website enables people to search the kinky social network FetLife without first logging in. The existence of this site and similar tools illustrates the enormous and unspoken security issue that unfortunately, has come up before. Running a search returns users’ FetLife profile pictures, usernames, ages, genders, kinky orientations, locations and a snippet from their profiles with the option to show more.

According to LELO, the design-conscious sex toy manufacturer, in the weeks before a major sporting event, four out of five purchases on their site are made by men. This is a big contrast to other times during the year, when purchases for the Swedish luxury pleasure brand are pretty even between men and women. Purchases by men hit 88 percent before the Champions League finals and are predicted to go even higher in preparation for the World Cup.

Vince Mak and Colby Spear are students at the Miami Ad School. Their project was simple: to create a successful campaign to raise awareness about men’s health. To do it, they launched a profile on the hookup app Tinder — but not for either one of them. The profile features a brunette with girl-next-door charm and a huge smile on her face. Her name is Nurse Nicole. The mission of her profile is to turn conversations from the sexy into the healthy.

According to the poster, he was engaging in anal sex when he felt something in the anal canal and pulled out to discover a large cestode coiled around his sexual organ. “Cestode” describes any number of a class of parasitic flatworms, the best known of which is the tapeworm, which also happens to be the star of this horrific anecdote. If you’re familiar with this parasite, you can probably guess why this anecdote strikes me as false. Otherwise, read on.

You will never stop sex work with law enforcement. You know how you will decrease sex work? By fighting poverty. You know how you will decrease trafficking? By making it safe for sex workers to come to police to report coercion and abuse. That safety isn’t something you can expect to magically happen on the part of law enforcement, because it won’t. That safety requires rights. And it requires a community and a world that will stand up for those rights.

People who believe in complete honesty are not being honest with themselves about the sort of things that sometimes go through our heads in the most intimate situations. If they were, they would know that 99 percent of the time, we’d rather not know. At least when it’s about us. When it’s about others, though, it’s fair game, so enjoy the illustrated guide to what goes on in people’s minds when their heads are buried between our legs.

As high schools graduations are celebrated around the country, a number of seniors and parents are turning to the Princeton Review to make final choices about colleges, but the women’s rights activist group UltraViolet worries that parents don’t have all the information they need. This month, they kicked off a campaign petitioning the popular college guide to list sexual assault prevention and response rankings.

Welcome to Sandy Springs, Georgia. Located just north of Atlanta, this city of 93,853 boasts IBM and Cisco Systems as its top employers, but you won’t find cutting edge innovation here. In fact, it could be said that some of its ordinances are just plain backward. For instance, you can’t sell sex toys here — unless the person buying has a prescription. This has been on the books since 2009, but it’s finally getting challenged.

Today the e-mail marketing service provider MailChimp pulled the plug on Sexcusé Moi, a high-end online boutique that offers sensual products ranging for adults. In an e-mail to the boutique’s founder, MailChimp said, “Nothing personal against your content or industry; there are just some very strict spam filters and ISP rules that we have to comply with to maintain the best possible sending environment.”

Most of us have met a doll-collector. It’s possible some of us have even met those who customize their dolls, spending hours to create them to the specifications that possess their imaginations. The collectors I know keep their dolls in immaculate condition, in cases like prized art, but there’s a subset who have taken it a step further with photography, turning their creations into an erotic wonderland.