A Dick Made to Order

Jan 08, 2011 • Toys

Made to Pleasure

We can’t possibly be the only ones who have looked at a sex shop’s offerings and wondered whether the sex toy industry has secretly pledged to try as hard as possible not to make men feel inadequate. We’re not size queens, but sometimes a girl needs more than five inches, you know? And don’t even get us started on the girth.

We’ve just the thing. Introducing the Made to Order Boutique, a place where you can not only specify how big you need it, but also design its shape and ridges and select the materials used to craft it.

Made to Pleasure

Ours, a beauty 8.2 inches in length and two inches in diameter in sterling silver comes to some US$896. Yikes! If the economy has you in a head lock — say your employers decided to dock your pay 50 percent as a New Year’s Eve gift — you can always try the Make Your Own Dildo Kit for $69.95. All you need is a willing participant.

Via Gizmodo, via our web dev (don’t be deceived! Those guys know their sex0rz).