Chec-Mate is an iPhone app that allows you to share your sexual health status with someone instantly. Created by STFree Certifications, this is the first app of its kind. STFree Certifications, launched in 2004, is responsible for the Safer Sex License, a personal smart card that allows potential partners to access your test results by phone.

No word on how long it can go, but with an iPhone’s battery life, we’re guessing those epic marathons are not really an option. Also — how are you supposed to tune into iPink if the phone is otherwise engaged?

If you’re a woman about town, there is one app you can no longer do without. somehow managed to slip through the cracks at the Junior Anti-Sex League Mart– err, Apple Store last week and is now a hazard for the women of San Francisco — and threatening to spill south — as if we needed help with the douchery here in Los Angeles.

The studio is buzzing with girls auditioning, girls taking photos for promos, and girls camming with customers. We’re at IP4Play headquarters, a new offering on the adult entertainment landscape to bring some edge to Apple’s products. Oh, yeah. And there’s very little Steve Jobs can do about it.

We’re always looking for ways to give Apple the finger and allow their users to express their sexualities despite the company embargo on anything sex-related in their App Store. Time Flies, a new app for iPhone and iPad, is no different.

You can wait in bed wondering what he’s doing on his phone that’s so important. Or why she’s up at five in the morning texting. Or you could pull a spy move and quit wondering. There are a fair share spy apps out on the market, some more questionable than others. Some far more expensive than others. The newest high-performance, low-cost one, Secret SMS Replicator, is for Android phones.

It’s hard to get a good alibi these days. Information is essential in Los Angeles, and you never know when someone’s gonna sell out your whereabouts for a photo op. Fear not, you no longer need to rely on other people. Technology is here for you.

You can try to take porn out of the technology, but you can’t take technological pioneers out of the porn industry. Somehow they will always find a way to get around you. The industry is used to barriers. They’ve been getting around them since the first dirty books were banned.