There was that movie about kids back in the 90s, it opened up with a guy talking about fucking virgins and then moved to a scene where he convinced a virgin girl to have sex with him. It didn’t interest me, I never finished the movie. The whole breaking a girl in thing is weird…continue reading.

“You only fuck celebrities,” said an ex-lover of mine, who was trying to get me to sleep with him again one lonely night last winter on the Santa Monica Pier. “That’s not true,” I replied. “I have only been with two or three men who happen to have notoriety in some worlds, and one of…continue reading.

I was 21, she was 39.

I met her up at a Mexican restaurant over margaritas in Northridge. If only we were the same and she didn’t have two kids, we could have been a couple.

Our second “date” was at her place. She made me pizza with Trader Joe’s dough, she kicked my ass in scrabble, I played some piano for her. Then the clock struck 12 and it happened to just turn into St. Patrick’s day.

Yesterday was a sexy, but very strange day. Arriving at the West L.A. office suites of my gynecologist for my yearly exam, I was prepared to spread ’em. Shaved, showered, and smelling sweet, I was led to my room by a dark haired, tan skinned, male nurse. “Take everything off then put on this robe,…continue reading.

I have a penchant for online dating. That’s not to say I meet women in real life–I would say half of my dates are from real life, the other half virtual–but there’s something fun about the whole online thing.

Hello my delicious interwebs. I hope you’re thoroughly enjoying sexandthe405.com. I’m sure you are. How can anyone not just love sinking their teeth into one of AV Flox’s salacious creations? In my last diary entry, I mentioned that I’ve recently been reacquainted with the possibility of “falling in ridiculous mountain-moving spellbinding love, and not with danger,…continue reading.

My name is Adora Flame.  I am here to share with you my dear Internets, my mischievous little voyeurs of all that burns deep within the hearts of feline spirits and between my divinely mouthwatering thighs, the sins, wins, losses, and lessons learned from loving long and hard in Los Angeles. My first LA love,…continue reading.