He strikes out at me when I am within reach, and then he reaches for me when I draw the line. — Ani DiFranco “Served Faithfully” A part of me wanted to knee him in the balls and then have his name blacklisted throughout all of Hollywood for being such an unbelievable bastard. The other…continue reading.

Mojave Valley Highway. It’s the last leg of the journey between Needles and Bullhead City, Arizona. The place is desolate: there’re more adult bookstores than houses, not a person in sight. If it weren’t for the Harleys parked outside a saloon, passerby’d probably think the place was a ghost town. We find a Wal-Mart. I…continue reading.

“I think I’ll have you tied up and suspended tonight,” Sir M told me when I greeted him at a recent dungeon party. This was to be another chapter in my training and I was grateful for the de-emphasis on pain and the focus, instead, on altered states. Rope bondage is an area of BDSM…continue reading.

Barstow, California was named after W. B. Strong — B for Barstow. The place’s a drive-through; no one wants to stay there beyond the ten minutes required to get a few more Bulls, piss and have a cigarette on the way to somewhere else. I get out of the car and breathe the impossibly hot…continue reading.

A proper submissive needs to be trained and disciplined with more than just paddles and whips. My training by Sir M has focused on protocol for a submissive -– and his sweet torture is a bonus. I committed to meeting him each Saturday night at the dungeon party but he wanted more time with me so…continue reading.

What began as a new adventure into the world of cash and play became an interesting encounter with a new way of serious dating. When I started checking out dating sites geared towards rich men, I was expecting guys who were in it for the afternoon romps and weekend getaways, hoping to find sexy women…continue reading.

Before there was sex, there was history, and in this history there is a man by the name of Gerald.  Gerald is middle aged and has a family. He believes in the scientific method, conservative politics, philosophical pursuit and all things adventurous.  Adventure was hard to come by once he became a husband and father. His days…continue reading.

On a recent Saturday night I found myself blindfolded, nearly naked and chained up in the “play room” of a dungeon party. This was my first BDSM play session with Sir M and I was afraid, yet thrilled to be trained by such a highly experienced and respected Dominant.

I’m not a golddigger. Actually, scratch that: I’m not greedy. I’m smart, really. All I ever wanted in my life was stability and security. If I have those two things, everything else seems to flow elegantly along in my life. I’m actually not about playing a game with men. I’m actually turned on by money…continue reading.

Sir M is an elite Master in L.A.’s BDSM scene and is training me to be a submissive. After meeting with him and learning his rules of protocol — and imagining the consequences for disobeying them — I agreed to join him for a “play session” (yes, whips and chains and more) the following night…continue reading.