The point of planning is not to carry out that plan to the letter. The real value of this process lies in taking the time to understand where we want to go and how we’re going to get there. Asking and answering those questions is what allows us to react to the unexpected in more intelligent and productive ways.

I watched Orpheus interact with his sub, alternately playing with her pussy and making her beg for more, then scaring the daylights out of her so she’d beg him to stop. He stepped in close to her and held a stubby but wickedly sharp knife to her neck. He whispered something in her ear and her eyes popped open even wider. I got extremely turned on. He had a sensual nature I hadn’t seen in other Doms yet.

DomCon LA is geared to Dominants, both pros and lifestylers. But it’s a feast for submissives like myself, who melt into a puddle of bliss relinquishing power to a Dom. I’m a sucker for the type of man who will slam you down, pin your arms behind you and use you like a piece of meat — and this convention had plenty of them!

“Oouuuch! Noooo! I can’t take it! My butt’s too sore already! I hate that!” That’s what I typically yell out in my BDSM sessions with Sir M, as he increases the intensity of his play and pulls out nastier toys like the dreaded cane. “TOO BAD!” is what he will yell back, as he continues…continue reading.

If you’ve been a reader of Sex and the 405 for any period of time, you know that on Tuesdays, we run the diaries of Daisy, a woman on a search to discover herself as a submissive in Los Angeles vast BDSM playground. This week, we bring you the view from a different angle —…continue reading.

Dear Sir M, I’m writing you a fan letter to tell you how much i admire, respect and enjoy You, Sir. You allow me to be fearless. That has brought out dormant powers in me and inspired other powers i never knew i had, Sir! You are an amazing teacher and i have much yet…continue reading.

I know how this works. I know how indecision pushes him to dilute his implications. I know all this shit very well. I like to say “let’s play it by ear.” He likes to say “let’s go with the flow.” It’s my fault. I’m too easily drawn into fantasy and expectation these days. I want to find meaning in…continue reading.

Shall we discuss Giant Tits? Yes, Let’s. We know the truth: it’s biological. Yet we leer and lean and stare. What are we staring at? Is it food? Is it fat? No, it’s biology. It’s biology and biology is something you can’t control. We can’t help it. We stare. We lean. We leer. We just……continue reading.

We deviated from our usual Saturday night private dungeon club party to check out the opening night festivities at the new BDSM club Eye Candy. Billed as a swingers club with BDSM play areas, the invitation promised an upscale club experience in Hollywood. Guests were encouraged to dress accordingly — leather, lace, lingerie or less.…continue reading.

She was a virgin. A sweet southern school teacher. She was 23, and had natural D-cups that were full and soft, but definitely not too soft. These are the things that fantasies are supposed to be made of. The truth is, she’d never fucked. So there we were in bed. We’d met in a bar.…continue reading.