My boyfriend/owner (S) and I recently separated and I found myself unowned and uncollared. An old lover showed up soon after for lots of sex, but I still missed S’s loving torture. And then Sir M entered my life. A self-described “hedonistic sadist,” Sir M is a highly regarded VIP in the local BDSM scene.…continue reading.

We have all been there before… or at least, to God, I hope you have been. You will be completely focused on a task at hand–working, playing, creating, fucking–whichever, and then it happens. Regardless of your level of concentration or amount of enjoyment, a song will come on, randomly, that brings you to your fucking…continue reading.

I’m Daisy TraLaLA and I love being owned. I submit any time and any place to my lover. In return I’m disciplined and banged hard with his hand throttling my neck, the way I like it.

I’ve gotten intimate with a few Libras and I’ve found a pattern…

Libras like to arouse a man via his nipples with their lips and teeth. And they do it fantastically well. Enough to get a guy really hard without even going down. Talk about seduction.

I’ve spoken about The Spanko already, but the Oral Fetish Sub, a 5’11” beautiful Italian girl, homegrown in the Valley really brought out the Dom in me. The great thing about it was that it was never expected, talked about or anything. It just happened. It was natural. She and I met on a website…continue reading.

I’m a risk taker. At times, I have been a daredevil. I’m no angel, and I am definitely a siren. As I get older, I wonder if should start being more cautious about the kinds of shenanigans I get myself into on a bi-weekly basis. Should I not have gotten involved with the most pungent playboy…continue reading.

I only met one person when I tried out the notorious Adult Friend Finder. If you’re not a couple or a “Big black cock,” chances of meeting someone is tough. The naughty site, after all, is all about playing out fantasies. And here, women are the ones who call the shots. One of them decided…continue reading.

I met a Valley girl on Match. When I say like-OMG-Valley, I’m talking Arleta, pretty hardcore, leave the Valley accent to Encino and West Valley Jewish girls. Anyway, our first date (we met once at a mall in public beforehand), I come to pick her up and she lives with dad. I walk up to…continue reading.

“Didn’t you just fuck him last week?” asks my friend Tanya, as the two of us watch the last guy I had dinner with walk into a film industry wedding reception with a tall blonde, who was clearly his date.  “Why yes.  Yes, I did.” “The two of you have been spending a lot of…continue reading.

She found me on MySpace back in 2006 when I was in my mid-twenties. “Hola!” The subject line read — she’s originally from Chile. “Saw your pics….liked them…” The e-mail was innocent enough, but this 35-year-old woman’s profile photos consisted of one headshot and four close up shots of her huge breasts in various t-shirts.…continue reading.