She strips down unceremoniously. She takes her pants off, and then her shirt. Lies back on the bed, waiting, wearing a bra and panties that must be three or four years old. We’ve been together long enough that we’ve become this way. The blood has begun to slide down the interior of my cock. It’s…continue reading.

It’s there pressed up against my leg. I feel the hard lump hidden in the layers of clothing. My hand travels to the button of his jeans, pulls the button through the loop hole and pushes the zipper down enough for me to shove my hand in. I first feel the hardness through the thin…continue reading.

Before I discovered my enthusiasm for BDSM and embarked on my journey as a submissive, I dated and mated as most vanilla people do: dated guys I met through friends, fucked guys I met at bars, married a guy I was set up with by a coworker. Each scenario differed depending on my goals at…continue reading.

I remember sitting in a movie theater in the middle of a Hitchcock double feature. I think it was Rear Window. My friend from school Jenna was sitting to my right. We were 16. We were transfixed. Then just as Jimmy Stewart was beginning to sink into voyeuristic compulsion I felt something against my left…continue reading.

Sir M sent an email to me with a subject line that made my heart leap: “New Rule.” The message explained that I am to keep on my webcam on at all times when I’m at home so he can see if I’m there when he logs onto his computer. This way, he can easily…continue reading.

Sir M started our last session by pulling up my dress, taking out a paddle and whacking me harshly several times on my behind. I shrieked from the combo of pain and surprise. Usually he warms up with light spanks before such imparting hard blows but I was being punished. My punishment “This is your…continue reading.

Dream Girls. A lone building in the middle of this desert wasteland with a sign over it in pink. Dream girls. It’s a sick fuchsia, buzzing nervously against the night like the whole thing’s about to give out. We’re not looking for a bar or a crazy good time. We’re looking for girls. Sounds like…continue reading.

Sir M likes to play dangerously. He has run fire torches along my body, held perilously sharp blades at my neck and intentionally made me lose consciousness momentarily through asphyxiation. In the BDSM world this is called edgeplay, a category of activities with potentially high risk. You might wonder why I’d allow this. I know…continue reading.

The car reeks of sex as we enter Laughlin on Casino Drive. We eat some place at the Edgewater. I tell them I want the meat blue and they have no idea what it means. You can always tell what kind of a restaurant you’re at if they know what “blue” means. As predicted, it’s…continue reading.

One recent late night at the dungeon party I’d been flogged pretty hard. The blows started pleasurably as delicious thuds, reminding me with each stroke who I am in service to. But as Sir M got more enthusiastic, his lashes increased in intensity so my pain level reached a treacherously biting sting. I’m not able…continue reading.