Incall versus outcall. The bulk of my personal experience has been of the incall variety. That is to say, I go to the escort’s location rather than her coming to mine. It works for me. I find I prefer the banging-a-hot-chick-in-a-lavish hotel room encounter to the doing-it-on-my-futon encounter. But that’s just me. You have your…continue reading.

Last weekend was a holiday weekend and you guys partied it up. We here at Sex and the 405 know all about it — the good, the bad, and the ugly. From Twitter. That’s right, before you deleted them Sunday morning. Out of control, Los Angeles, you’re out of control. Well, don’t worry, you don’t…continue reading.

You’ve done your homework, you’ve searched the ads on Craigslist, Backpage or any of a slew of hooker message boards and you’re just captivated by those lace-clad boobs staring back at you from the screen. So how much should you pay for pussy? If ya have to ask, you can’t afford it. Truth is, you…continue reading.

We happened to stumble on some notes for one of our editrix’s columns in the newsroom today (at least we hope they’re notes for a column, and not something she’s actually using in her personal life, in which case, whoops!). It’s a summary of Maxim‘s March issue’s article: “SEX: CHEAT & DON’T GET CAUGHT. Women…continue reading.

So this guy writes in to Penthouse magazine, right, about how his wife’s vagina is not as tight as it once was and he’s become obsessed with doing her in the ass. I’m distressed by the way that the subject matter was approached, but looking on the bright side, the question provided a perfect platform to discuss anal sex, which is something everyone could stand to learn a little more about.

I don’t know for sure how you got to this point, and I’m not here to judge. You have your reasons. Maybe your wife stopped having sex with you, or you just need variety or your dad never took you fishing. I don’t know and I don’t care. I don’t know you. I’m not your…continue reading.

Text messages. We’re willing to bet that eight times out of 10, these are the reason cheaters get caught — not that we have any experience with this or anything here at Sex and the 405. We never get caught. Anyway, our dahlias of decadence and depravity, technology is smiling upon us again. Allow us…continue reading.

Let’s get the basics of Hollywood out of the way. You’ve got a date. And you thought you’d show your theatrical side by getting tickets to The Pantages but cannot for the life of your true hipster self think of where to take your glam gal. It’s your first date with this particular lady, and…continue reading.

It’s true, we’re obsessed with finding the Holy Grail of sex here at Sex and the 405. Naturally, any article that claims to have found such a thing is worthy of our attention. Lucky for us the folks over at MentalFloss got busy this month compiling a list of ten aphrodisiacs so we could spend…continue reading.

Our editrix was so irate this morning when she surfed across this little jewel from DateDaily, she asked us to comment on the matter, which, frankly, really blows, seeing as we were looking forward to lying around in our apartments all day, crying about how no one loves us. We’re not sure if they’re endorsing…continue reading.