Headboard Trauma: Solved

Nov 04, 2010 • Lessons, Safety

Ah, sexual head trauma. If we could count the IQ points lost on headboards and walls around the world, we’d probably cry. So we won’t. Anyway, today, you’re in luck — for around $460, now you can enjoy an altogether different kind of safe sex.

Introducing the Hövding, a collar developed by industrial design students in Stockholm, Sweden, to offer an alternative to the bicycle helmet. Essentially, the Chieftain is a collar that contains an airbag and sensors.

When these register motions that indicate an accident, the airbag immediately inflates into a hood around the head to prevent trauma.

Unlike a helmet, the shell of the collar can be changed so the Chieftain matches different outfits. No word yet on whether they have one in red latex.