Tested and Approved

Oct 10, 2011 • Eyecandy, Toys, Women

Ryan Keely takes over Fleshbot

You’ve read your share of reviews. Reviews on Yelp, reviews on Amazon, reviews on blogs. People love to talk about how much they love a product or how much they hate it. Ranting: whether it’s positive or negative, it is what we do.

What we don’t usually see on the internet are videos that put things to the test.

And then there’s Ryan Keely. Who? Ryan Keely — you remember her, 2010 Penthouse Pet and former mistress of ceremonies at Pron Star Sex Life. This week, she has taken over the Gawker media skin blog Fleshbot to post whatever her heart desires. And her first post? A video review of the Pirates Rocket Vibrator and the Pirates Hidden Treasure Vibrator. She tests them to orgasm.

Good thing it’s a holiday because we’re pretty much certain that nothing is going to get done in this office all day.