The Best Ever Dinner Date Hint

Aug 16, 2010 • How To, Lessons

Clever with the tab.

All right, so not all of you are math geniuses who enjoy finding creative ways to render a selection of menu items — plus tax — into amusing number combinations. That’s OK, you didn’t like studying for math in high school either and you passed, right? Just do the same thing: copy the nerds.

$69.69 tab

Doesn’t get much clearer than this.

Here’s how we did it at Palomino (no judging, you try getting a table anywhere at dinner without a reservation):

1 iced tea
1 small bottle of Pellegrino
1 3-piece bruschetta appetizer
1 order of signature pan-seared scallops
1 order of rigatoni bolognese

Plus tax: 69.69, baby, all night long. You’re welcome.