Trolling Your Way to A Hook-Up

Mar 01, 2011 • Lessons

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to online dating, except probably this: if you go to a party, don’t leave your phone unattended, especially if you’re in the middle of getting to know someone via a dating site that has a very easy to use app.

For your reading pleasure, a example of what can unfold when your friends start passing your phone around, crowd-trolling one of your latest finds on OK! Cupid. The smudgy black is the friend, the smudgy blue is his newest object of interest.

Trolling for box

Weirdly — or perhaps not so weirdly — the exchange took a turn here. The last thing she responded before the phone fell back into its owner’s hands was “how violently?” We’re amused to report that the exercise sent the baffled owner of the iPhone on his way to success.

Try this at your own risk.

  • Sainont Linn

    Everything is good.

  • murcuriello

    proof positive about so much……… especially reminds me how important keeping it simple is.How evil?.World changers and miracle workers are born via exchanges like this.Having a probiscuss (protrusion), this man seems like a keeper to me if only that he doesn’t confuse lust for emotional expectation etc…….I.wonder if they both got to the station on time?    thanks   much enjoyed