Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes if you dare! It’s real, it’s alive, it’s… your own body, its different parts, and the products from it! That’s right, from the minds of the web’s most forward-thinking scientific bloggers comes The Carnal Carnival, a celebration of research centered around a different theme every month.

They fought over mayorship on Foursquare. They met and they trashtalked. Then they dated. Now they’re getting married. Foursquare… a toy for the narcissistic and naive or a tool in the dating kit? You decide!

The Telegraph reports a number of erotic novels have disappeared from the top UK sellers list of iBooks. Think about that next time you buy one of their products, iSheep. If you think hype and “slick design” is worth your freedom, you don’t deserve that freedom.

Turns out there is a way to get your Twitpic account back. Grovel and clean out the smut. We’re happy to report our editrix has managed to get hers back in working order. All it cost her was a little dignity.

We love nudity and all things erotic and are always looking for sites to ogle. And what better way to do this than within a feed? Granted, most porn sites don’t allow that. But the blogging platform Tumblr has a feed built in, which means that without leaving the Tumblr dashboard, you can effectively access all the filth you could ever want. Even if you’re at work — so long as your office hasn’t blacklisted Tumblr, that is.

The new iPhone is out! Lines at all Apple stores, like club openings for unfortunate-dressed people. Sadly, the device is apparently having some issues. A lot of users are reporting reception issues.

We’ve seen it before. Truth is, the one night stand joke never ceases to amuse us.

And because we can’t seem to get enough abuse, here’s WiseMuv, a new site that — if it catches — is bound to make everyone just a little more bitter and annoyed than usual. Yay!

Get a load of this captcha (for those who don’t know, a “captcha” is a simple test used on a lot of sites to make sure comments or links aren’t being posted by a computer, or bot)!

We don’t know about you, but we can’t masturbate to the same thing forever. While we think Princess Leia’s gold bikini is iconic and part of every geek’s induction into the world of desire and delight, we think it high time we moved on to other things.