Facebook Gets Sexy

Jun 09, 2010 • geek, web

OK, so the title is a lie. Facebook is still pulling off pics like it’s no big thing, even when they’re friends-only. However, the SF Weekly has reported some really lolsy activity we can’t resist but want to share with you. Get a load of this captcha (for those who don’t know, a “captcha” is a simple test used on a lot of sites to make sure comments or links aren’t being posted by a computer, or bot):

We like it, Zucker!

Via Alexia Tsotsis.

  • http://www.screaming-violet.com Violet

    thats classic – For some reason strange co-incidences like that really amuse me! lol

    • Anaiis

      Isn’t it hilarious? We love them, too!