Your Daily Dose of Noodz — Delivered

Jul 16, 2010 • Culture, geek, teh inetrwebz, web

sexy tumblrs

We love nudity and all things erotic and are always looking for sites to ogle. And what better way to do this than within a feed? Granted, most porn sites don’t allow that. But the blogging platform Tumblr has a feed built in, which means that without leaving the Tumblr dashboard, you can effectively access all the filth you could ever want. Even if you’re at work — so long as your office hasn’t blacklisted Tumblr, that is.

We have compiled a list of sites to get you started. Please note you need a Tumblr account to “follow” these blogs and receive their feeds in your Tumblr dashboard. Have fun — you can thank us later.

Cravings I like pictures. Images I crave to experience, images that resonate with me. I crave art, food, sex — the sensual nature of all, especially when they are one.

EroticImages This is a growing mosaic of sensual moments that touch and arouse me both intensely and intimately, a window into my mind.

Sensitive Crimes A glorious collection of images, with an emphasis on the female form.

Porn I Love We love porn. And we’re not afraid to be graphic.

One From The Bottom and Two from the Top I am 22. I am a girl. I live by the sea. I am bisexual. I love geeks. I post pictures of myself.

Art or Porn In the pages of this blog I have amassed photographs and literary works from lots of different sites. Art or porn, you decide.

Beautiful and Depraved For connoisseurs of premium filth.

Debauchette Another epic collection of filth.

SyntheticPubes A spoonful of sugar. And spice. Everything vice.

Filthy Gorgeous Things An online magazine about sex, art, and photography.

Fuck Me Like That Do you really need a blog description?

Got more? We want to see them!