The Carnal Carnival

Aug 20, 2010 • Culture, geek, Research, web

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes if you dare! It’s real, it’s alive, it’s… your own body, its different parts, and the products from it!

That’s right, from the minds of the web’s most forward-thinking scientific bloggers comes The Carnal Carnival, a celebration of research centered around a different theme every month, beginning this month — with excrement.

Now, now, don’t be squeamish. It’s your body. It’s about time you took a moment to understand it a little bit better. Especially all those anal sex enthusiasts out there. As Tristan Taormino says, “shit happens.” Actually, we’re not sure that’s how she put it, but you know what we mean.

And if that’s not for you, there are plenty of other topics to peruse coming your way… orgasm this November, masturbation next July. Right here at your fingertips.


And yes, you can follow the madness on Twitter: @carnal_carnival

Image by Fernando Vicente. Information via Jason Goldman (who else?)