The Institute for Public Opinion, one of France’s most reputable market research firms, inadvertently busted a myth recently when it found that more than three-quarters of French couples lead impoverished sex lives. Common excuses from both genders to skip sex? Headaches, exhaustion, and the children.

Essentially, according to Syracuse University professor Stephanie Ortigue, who led this study, falling in love is quite like using cocaine. We rather think not, though it certainly would explain the inane rambling.

Kyle Stephenson, a University of Texas at Austin doctoral candidate in psychology, recently published a paper on the topic of sexual dissatisfaction, and believes that their survey data proves that sexual dissatisfaction may not necessarily engender great distress.

A new study seeking to understand the behavior that led to over a quarter of a king penguin colony in Antarctica to partner up with members of the same sex, has uncovered that the main cause is loneliness.

Remember when Dan Rather interviewed Bill Clinton in 2004 about his life and presidency for 60 Minutes? It almost perfectly summarizes everything that’s wrong with us as a species. “The central question, if I may, and I know this is difficult,” probed Rather, breaching the issue of Monica Lewinsky. “The central question is: why?”

Austin, Texas was recently named America’s “Most Sex-Happy City” by Men’s Health. That’s right, Austin. The city whose motto is “Keep Austin Weird,” and whose unofficial mascot is testicular cancer survivor Lance Armstrong.

Ah, female ejaculation. The holy grail of sex. Not many have seen it, fewer have lived it, but there it is. Hanging over our heads as science continues to scramble to understand its cause, function — or whether it exists at all. A recent study from the Middle East brought to our attention by Scientopia,…continue reading.

Strip clubs — good for men? VCG Holdings, an adult entertainment giant with 19 clubs in 10 states thinks so. Recently, they commissioned Empire Research to conduct a study about the impact strip clubs have on men’s health.

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes if you dare! It’s real, it’s alive, it’s… your own body, its different parts, and the products from it! That’s right, from the minds of the web’s most forward-thinking scientific bloggers comes The Carnal Carnival, a celebration of research centered around a different theme every month.

A recent study published in the journal Alcohol surveying the effects of alcohol on human ability to rate attractiveness (based here on symmetry) seems to have revealed that men are more accurate than women in their ratings.