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The sex tape: a staple of our time, and, as far as Los Angeles goes, a requirement. Introducing Timelapser, an iPhone app that turns the sex tape into an artsy proposition. This app lets you easily make time-lapse videos on your iPhone. Because it works using still shots, you can use it even if you…continue reading.

Texting has become a fixture in our lives. As with everything, we quickly turned it into another conduit for our sexual expression and exploration. The Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, always fascinated by such things, decided to tackle the matter in a survey relating to teen cell phone usage. The results of…continue reading.

This is an excerpt from the unabridged Kama Sutra, a sacred Indian text about the art of love and eroticism. Before copulation, in order to arouse the penis with desire, the following four kinds of caress are practiced: Contact It is termed contact when the boy and girl are face to face, body pressing against…continue reading.

We all know social media can be a double-sided sword. As more people get on Twitter and Facebook, including employers and family members, it becomes harder to overshare as freely as we did three or so years ago when it was just a handful of us on there. Facebook can’t roll out security features fast…continue reading.

Whether you’re in love or in lust, the movie experience can be treacherous. The idea of forcing someone to sit through a movie beside me when they clearly had no interest–or worse, having to suffer something like Meet The Fockers or The 40 Year Old Virgin–gave me so much angina that when I was married,…continue reading.

I was fortunate in my sexual discovery: I never contracted any sort of disease and while not every encounter resulted in dynamite sex, I never found myself in a threatening situation. I like to think this has to do with the fact that I am fairly intuitive and committed to my personal health, but we…continue reading.

I only met one person when I tried out the notorious Adult Friend Finder. If you’re not a couple or a “Big black cock,” chances of meeting someone is tough. The naughty site, after all, is all about playing out fantasies. And here, women are the ones who call the shots. One of them decided…continue reading.

Depression kills the libido, which essentially means that we at Sex and the 405 are committed to your happiness. This being the country of the self-made and the self-help book, and seeing as we are sailing through a dicksoftenus maximus of a recession, we thought we would put forth this excellent guide to happiness by…continue reading.

Jenny Sanford is vacating the Governor’s Mansion in South Carolina. You guys remember Governor Mark Sanford, the guy who took off in April and told everyone he was hiking the Appalachian Trail, when really he was down in South America canoodling with his mistress? Remember? He came home after he was found out and gave…continue reading.

Australian women are as likely as their male couterparts to want to take part in group sex, and they tend to initiate it almost as often, a survey conducted by the country’s second biggest dating site,, has shown. Almost 40 percent of respondents report an equal gender split in group sex, while a further…continue reading.