The Sex Site Girl

Dec 14, 2009 • Arrow, Diary

I only met one person when I tried out the notorious Adult Friend Finder. If you’re not a couple or a “Big black cock,” chances of meeting someone is tough. The naughty site, after all, is all about playing out fantasies. And here, women are the ones who call the shots.

One of them decided to meet me.

I was 24, she was 18. At that point in my life, I had had a lot of good sex, but I hadn’t had crazy sex until then. Not bad crazy, but as I look back on it, or in the moment, it is crazy good in a sort of funny way.

We were on the phone one night talking and she decided to meet right then — she was going to drive to my apartment from Culver City. She said there would no sex, just hanging out and I said that was fine. Of course, you know that never happens. We made out, I gave her head and then eventually, she goes, “I’m going to break my rule.”

She looked like Franka Potente from The Bourne Identity. Kind of punky, but with a baby face. That was hot — not to mention she had breasts worthy of magazine spreads.

We got naked, put the safe sex on and it was time. She wanted to be on top, so she could control the slow dance. The moment it all began, it was like she went on drugs and she started saying things she couldn’t remember. The first words after a moan: “It’s like you and me were meant to be inside each other.”

Dead serious. It was said in such a I’m-on-acid-and-live-in-the-1960s tone. I almost bust out laughing, but that wouldn’t be appropriate with someone I just was getting to know.

Over our summer of sex before she moved up to San Francisco, I gathered a good amount of quotes she would claim not remember saying. My favorite was when we, in pitch darkness, were going at it slowly, very passionately: “I love you,” she moaned, then a moment later, as she moved my body with all her force making me hit my head on the bed post, “I don’t love you, I don’t love you, I don’t love you.”

I remember a scene very much like this from a Red Shoe Diary episode on Showtime. The sex continued for a long time that night, became rougher, kinkier, but she said she never remembered saying and doing any of that.

The last time I saw her before she moved up north, we did not have sex. We made applesauce together and ate it.