Divorce On The Appalachian Trail

Dec 12, 2009 • News, Politically Erect


Jenny Sanford is vacating the Governor’s Mansion in South Carolina.

You guys remember Governor Mark Sanford, the guy who took off in April and told everyone he was hiking the Appalachian Trail, when really he was down in South America canoodling with his mistress?

Remember? He came home after he was found out and gave the most cringe-inducing press conference of the century about love and soul mates. He will forever be known as the man who tried to do the wrong thing the right way.

Well, last we heard, he and his wife Jenny were working things out. She, the very picture of composure, did not stand behind her philandering husband at the press conference as other wronged wives have done in the past, choosing instead to give a few very focused interviews.

Where her husband was a stuttering fool, high on love, she was persevering, calm, cool, and collected. She would not tolerate his behavior, but she was willing to forgive–if he put in some effort.

In an interview after the debacle, Mark Sanford told us he was working on “falling back in love” with his wife.

Looks like his effort wasn’t enough. Jenny Sanford filed for divorce on Friday on the grounds of adultery. Yikes.

On the bright side, he’s now free. For now, anyway. The governor is facing a hearing next month on 37 charges by the State Ethics Commission over his actions on the “AT,” which include allegedly using state planes for his clandestine Argentina trip.

Cue Carlos Gardel, “Por una cabeza, todas las locuras, su boca que besa borra la tristeza, calma la amargura.”

We know how it goes.

Image from The Los Angeles Times. Information from Time, Los Angeles Times blogs, The Washington Post.

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    And Al Gore should be after him too, for increasing his carbon footprint….