It’s Not A Sex Tape, Baby, It’s Art

Dec 16, 2009 • Culture, web

timelapser2The sex tape: a staple of our time, and, as far as Los Angeles goes, a requirement.

Introducing Timelapser, an iPhone app that turns the sex tape into an artsy proposition.

This app lets you easily make time-lapse videos on your iPhone. Because it works using still shots, you can use it even if you don’t have the snazzy iPhone 3GS.

Timelapser lets you set your own compression settings, dictate how often to capture a frame (with some technical limitations: the iPhone 3GS can capture a frame every three seconds; the 3G, every six seconds; and the first-gen iPhone, every eight seconds), and allows you to select the number of frames you see per second during playback.

The app auto-assembles the frames into movies, and the captures are stored as a unit without overcrowding your photo library.

You can easily e-mail the movies right from the app as well.

If you won’t do it for the art, get this: Timelapser is currently running a contest offering a $500 prize for the best Timelapser video.

I contacted Jake Maymudes, one of the developers, and asked whether our raunchy sex tapes are eligible.

“At the risk of sounding like a sleazebag, sex tapes made with Timelapser are totally eligible for the Timelapser Challenge,” he told me. “Despite Youtube probably removing them, they will be watched and rated for overall artistic content.”

Hear that? The game is on. All you need to do is post your Timelapser video as a response to their video challenge on YouTube.

Oh, and you might want this.

Lights, iPhone, hot, animal action!

Image courtesy of the Maymudes Bros.