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F Me Cufflinks Social media is everywhere. Play into the hype with this hilarious double-entendre cufflink set, “F Me”–get it? Get it? What, you don’t think it’s funny? Fine. I’ll keep all the jokes about poking to myself. $50.00, from Twitter Stalkings Tweet me, Twitter me, add me, stalk me, DM, @me, tweet me,…continue reading.

Debby Herbernick, the sex professor and author of Because It Feels Good has some pointers for getting it on wet and wild-style: Wet doesn’t actually mean lubricated. “As anyone who has spent significant time in a bath tub or shower knows, warm water can dry the skin and turn us all a bit prune-like,” she…continue reading.

My friend has been talking about this girl for months. After a while of being unable to express any emotion for anyone, it seems he’s finally found his heart. The problem? I know this girl. She’s a well-known man-eater. She went out with another friend of mine for a while, totally used him, and left…continue reading.

A recent study conducted for the UK’s Sunday Telegraph of 2,000 men and women has revealed that men average seven months to declare “I love you” to a partner–a full month less than women. The Telegraph reports: Oliver James, the clinical psychologist and author, said the findings supported other studies that showed that men fall…continue reading.

Nothing is more indicative of how prominent social networking sites have become than the fact that the New Oxford American Dictionary has selected the word “unfriend” as the word of 2009. But that’s not the only sign of the times here–other runners up were: hashtag: a # [pound] sign added to a word or phrase…continue reading.

Every once in a while, a situation calls for it. You spent the hottest night with someone and you need to commemorate it. Hey, I’m not judging, we’re all oversharers here. Not to mention, there is nothing more erotic than being immortalized by a lover in well-written prose. But how to go about writing out…continue reading. is social media for the oversharing sex kitten. We all love to dish about relationships. Finally, here’s a place where you can share virtually every aspect of those sexy, messy, often complicated, but always interesting love connections. Where you can confide to friends and they confide right back. Where you swap stories from the…continue reading.

Music was my first love, and right now I feel like making love.   So, in the spirit of AV’s “15 High-Energy Songs to Have Sex to,”  I’ve compiled a list of tunes that make me swoon.   FOR YOUR LISTENING PLEASURE   IN LOVE WITH YOU – Erykah Badu & Stephen Marley He said…continue reading.

We know, we know, malls are horrible things. But there’s a chance they’re getting better–at least here in Southern California. Introducing: the One Touch Concierge, an application for iPhone, BlackBerry or computer that allows you to make requests and get interactive service, such as arranging for a stroller, wheelchair, bell cart, making restaurant reservations, and…continue reading.

A study from New Zealand has uncovered a correlation between a woman’s prolonged exposure to the semen of her baby’s father serves to protect her against pregnancy-induced hypertension and having an undersized baby. In this study by Kho and colleagues at the University of Auckland, which was published in the Journal of Reproductive Immunology, 2,507…continue reading.