Bite-Size Sex and Love Overshares

Nov 24, 2009 • teh inetrwebz is social media for the oversharing sex kitten.

We all love to dish about relationships. Finally, here’s a place where you can share virtually every aspect of those sexy, messy, often complicated, but always interesting love connections. Where you can confide to friends and they confide right back. Where you swap stories from the romantic trenches and help each other claw your way out.

The site, which uses Facebook and Twitter connect (but also allows users to post anonymously), has three categories for posts: seduction, dating and breakup. You know, the natural life-cycle of a modern love affair. Only here, we get to make like Emily Gould and put it out there for all to see it.


Admit it, you already bookmarked it to scour during work.

Information from The Huffington Post.

  • noob

    Suggetston: please link to the sites you mention, so we don’t have to enter them manually. Thanks

    • AV Flox

      OMG, we’re such assholes. I can’t believe we forced our fine public into having to type out 13 characters! Absolutely negligent on our part.