3 Sexcessories You Need

Dec 09, 2009 • Culture, web

Technology and sex have always been an ideal match. Recently, Rachel Kramer Bussel at The Daily Beast did an overview of the top eight hottest sexcessories around. These are our top three:


Want to know how good you are in bed? Surprise, surprise–there’s an app for that!

Launched in July, Passion uses “all of the iPhone’s distinct features such as the microphone, accelerometer and many others to determine an accurate score. All you have to do is start the application, put your iPhone on the bed, in an arm band, or even in your pocket and have intercourse, it is as easy as that.”

You’re judged on how long activity lasts, how much activity seems to be involved, and decibels. The scores are graphed and pit against those of others around the world.

Gauges, sex and oversharing? I dare you to tell me what you get.


Little black book meets spreadsheets. nOOkis is probably one of the most thorough ways of keeping track of your sexploits.

You catalog everything from partners’ nationalities, to their attractiveness, how often you orgasm, to what positions you prefer together.

You can make graphs from the data, as well as have the site analyze your sexual habits and forecast your likelihood of contracting a venereal disease, which is dicksoftenus maximus to think about, but, hey, thanks. At the very least if you encounter some unpleasant symptoms in the future, such a meticulous record should come in handy.


This weekly digest of sex toy reviews covers it all. “Many of the reviews are CNET-grade in their earnestness and technicality,” notes Kramer Bussel. Excellent–it’s about time someone took these matters into their hands–err…

Well, you know what I mean.

Image from Chris Alvares. Information via The Daily Beast.