Your Friends’ Secrets Right on Their Facebook Walls

May 26, 2010 • Culture, geek, lolz, web

It was a typical day for our editrix of hacking through the contents of her inbox to try to get some sense of what the week would look like. Suddenly, a notification from Facebook — she’d been tagged in a photo! Always the narcissist, or perhaps always aware of the tinge on her conscience, she clicked immediately.

It was one of those square bingo-looking grids, the ones where each square has a descriptor and people tag their friends on them accordingly. Our editrix had been tagged as “has the prettiest eyes.” She was immediately conflicted — this looks fun, but who past the age of 13 does this sort of thing? Clearly, we need a more “adult” version to override the silliness of it all. Feel free to take it and unleash havoc on your own friends’ walls.