Carl’s Jr. Sells Sex–err, Salads with Kim Kardashian

Dec 28, 2009 • Advertising, Culture

Some may say that Carl’s Jr. has pioneered the art of making real-life food porn with pop culture-relevant sexpots.

I say they have pioneered the commercials with so many different messages that you’re not entirely sure what is being sold until the end.

Remember the 2005 Carl’s Jr. commercial with Paris Hilton? You weren’t sure if she was selling a Bentley, car wash supplies, or a bathing suit until she took a bit of their spicy BBQ burger.

Now Kim Kardashian has an ad out for them that makes you wonder if you should be buying lingerie, fluffy towels, stain removers, or bubble bath.

(And why is Kardashian taking a bath before she finishes making a mess? And why does she eat with her hands if she’s so OCD about cleanliness?)

Which is totally not to say that I don’t think it’s hot. Though I really think the dressing should have dripped on her boobs. But that’s me. I like messy.

Image via What the Hell Are You Eating? Video via Manolith.