Juicy Confessions from Cheaters!

May 26, 2010 • Culture, geek, web

Cheaters. Love them or hate them, at the end of the day, they’re the ones having the cake and eating it, too, when many of you are still outside the veritable smorgasbord looking for a parking space. While we can’t get you some ass, we can at least provide access to cheaters’ sleazy shenanigans. Introducing CheatConfession.

Not only can you see the naughty tales of cheaters from around the English-speaking webs, you can also check on the stories of woe from people who have been cheated on and read about people thinking about cheating. You can also judge them! Tell cheaters if it was justified, tell those who were wronged how much their sitch sucks, and help potential cheaters decide!

In their write-up, Mashable worried about the potential for trolls:

First of all, it’s targeted toward a very broad demographic, which means it’s prime stomping ground for trolls. Add in required anonymity and you’ve got a recipe for immature answers and wanton cruelty. (A look through some of the comment streams confirms our suspicions.)

The realm of Internet (Internet) memes is getting dicey when it comes to sharing and commenting on the misfortunes of others. Popular sites like Texts From Last Night and FML (Fuck My Life) include similar confessions, as well as the ability to comment. Still, what separates this site from the aforementioned memes is the format, which seems to suggest a community where one may ask for and give advice — rather than a venue in which to share amusing (albeit sad-sack) anecdotes.

Overall, we here at Sex and the 405 think it’s a cute novelty site. Basically, we’ll cheat on our daily reads with it today and then go back to cheating with UnhappyHipsters.

Information from Mashable, via Denise Tanton.