Data Meets Self-Obsession, An App Is Born

Mar 31, 2010 • Culture, geek

The geekery is extreme here in the Sex and the 405 newsroom, so it’s no surprise that when we found out about Dayta, we were beside ourselves with delight.

Dayta is a data-tracking app for the iPhone that enables you to keep tabs on everything about you.

You can use it to watch your weight and record how much you’re sleeping, or you can make like our editrix and use it to keep track of how many orgasms you have per sexcapade and how many texts you get a day from each of your lovers.

The potential is great and if you love information as much as we do and are half as self-absorbed, you’ll undoubtedly put this crafty app to exceptional use.

Image from Dayta, tip from UrbanDaddy.